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Oak seed Assault: Rodent Revolution – Revolutionary? Or then again Not?

In case you’re searching for another turn-based methodology diversion, we’re discussing Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution. This little title is around an Acorn charge turned sour, raising your own military, and ousting a lord… With the goal that’s a piece of the story behind it, however what’s whatever is left of the story?

How might you begin playing, and are there any cool “insider facts” or methodologies that you should think about? Welcome to my see of the Ultimate or possibly Not-So-Ultimate, Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution.

Story Mode:

As it fittingly seems to be, AARR (for short) begins you off amidst an uncalled for oak seed charge. I know. I revealed to you it was fitting.

The amusement has 5 supervisors and 25 levels.

At the point when the lord of the town, King Lous the Umpteenth issues an out of line oak seed charge and a radical squirrel won’t pay, the Revolution starts… That is the impression I gotten, in any case.

Brief Strategy and How to Play:

The amusement is setup on a 6×4 board on the two sides of the field (uncertain if this becomes later) with settings that go from cascades and mansions, to rustic zones and homes. You will probably raise a multitude of squirrels by utilizing oak seeds (cash) to purchase your officers.

You can put 3 trooper squirrels beside one another, and make one incredible one. This has been contrasted with ‘kinging’ your piece in a round of checkers. All the more dominant squirrels have more wellbeing, and can perform more grounded assaults.

All through your turn, there are various number of various moves that you can make to make an all the more dominant squirrel-armed force.

You can utilize Power Ups to make an all the more dominant military unit!

Increment your Strength

Increment your Defense

Increment your wellbeing

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